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One Vision…One Team…One Greece

With the Athena Performing Arts Center (APAC) packed with excited and optimistic Greece Central School District teachers and administrators, Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams introduced herself and delivered an appropriate and focused welcome speech.  The reoccurring theme was “One Vision…One Team…One Greece.”  She discussed that this year we would all take a journey together.  This journey will be filled with challenges and fewer resources, which is a typical story presently in education.  She stated that we are “preparing students for jobs that don’t exist for a world we cannot see.”  However, she did suggest that if we meet students with the new “3 Rs,” we would likely be successful with kids.  The 3 Rs (according to Daggett, founder and President of the International Center for Leadership in Education) are relationships, relevance, and rigor.

Practical Strategy: Use the 3 Rs.  When we work with students, how much of a priority are Daggett’s three Rs?  Are we building positive connections with kids?  Are we connecting content to real world situations?  Do we keep the standards high and challenge all students to reach their potential?

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