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Intermediate Algebra Castle Learning Review Activity

Mrs. Magin, Mrs. Lagana, Mrs. O’Brien, Mrs. DiVirgilio, and Mrs. Benz engaged their Intermediate Algebra students in a review lesson on Castle Learning.  Students worked hard on finishing 12 multiple choice and 3 short answer problems that helped them to prepare for their final exams.  For more information on Castle Learning, visit

Well done teachers and students!


Paddles are Back in the Classroom (but not as a punishment)

The Athena High School Math Department has purchased two class sets of KleenSlate Response Paddles!  These square paddles have a white board on one side and a graph patch on the other.  The possiblities are endless with this simple tool.  KleenSlate was created by a teacher who saw a need for quality classroom tools that would improve communication and education.  KleenSlate Response Paddles make class more fun and engaging and that will result in higher student achievement.  Even though the paddles just arrived in our building yesterday, Mrs. Benz has already used them in most of her classes (see pictures below).  Check out more information on the KleenSlate website.

If anyone wants to use these paddles to increase engagement in their classroom (high school or middle school), please let me know!

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Athena is SMART

Many of our Athena math teachers have recently upgraded their classrooms with projectors and SMART boards.  Although sometimes tempting to use these tools as an “expensive overhead,” our teachers chose to engage students with a variety of techniques.

Mr. Ingerick had his students teach the class on identity and squaring functions in his Pre-Calculus course.  Each group of students discussed the topics at their desks, and presented them on the SMART board.

Mrs. Benz chose to use her projector by showing a pre-teach video clip from the Internet in her AP Calculus class.  Her students were engaged by watching a math expert from  Mrs. Benz explained that she likes this website because it offers a variety of informative and humorous videos on many aspects of Calculus.

Mr. Mock and Ms. Ruggeri hooked in their Integrated Algebra class with many interactive SMART board games and applications.  This team of teachers had multiple activities throughout their class.  At one point in the class, students came to the front of the room to work on a math basketball SMART board game that reinforced the ideas of solving equations.  At other moments in the class, an interactive graphing calculator was projected to assist students in mastering this important tool.  Both teachers were able to increase instructional engagement by utilizing technology and fun into their classroom.

Practical Strategy: Advocate for technology in your classroom and make a committment to use it often.  Even the smallest technology activity can help to keep your kids interested in the content that you are delivering.

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