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How We Learn

“How We Learn”

10% of what we READ

20% of what we HEAR

30% of what we SEE

50% of what we SEE and HEAR

70% of what is DISCUSSED with OTHERS


95% of what we TEACH TO SOMEONE ELSE

~William Glasser



Accomplished mathematics teachers help and motivate students to learn mathematics by creating environments in which students experience freedom, fun, power, and sense of belonging.  Glasser (1986) says that when these four needs are met, the students will work harder and learn more.  Mrs. Derleth often creates learning environments for kids that encompasses those four needs.  Recently, she engaged her Integrated Algebra class with a game of MATHO!  The students in her class were engaged in a review game (fun),  many worked together on the problems (sense of belonging), and most participated and gave explainations to the entire class (power).  Played similar to BINGO, students had to work out math problems and put a chip on the space with the correct answer.  If a student got 5 correct answers in a row on their board, they were given a choice of prize (freedom).  Students could pick extra points from a bag or pick a candy bar.  Mrs. Derleth commented that an equal amount picked each option.  Nice work Mrs. Derleth!

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