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Rochester Red Wings Statistician Visits Athena

On Wednesday, November 2nd, Rochester Red Wings Statistician Chuck Hinkel came into Mrs. Magin’s AP Stats class to discuss how math is used in his career.  Although Mr. Hinkel’s official title with the Red Wings is Public Relations Director, he uses statistics everyday.  He explained to the 30+ students that many sports, such as baseball are statistics driven.  Many athletics careers rely on the important work that Mr. Hinkel and his team do.  He also said that statistics tells an important story and it is his job to use stats to lead fans through the story of a season.  Mr. Hinkel, who also does work with CBS, the NFL, and RIT hockey, explained to the students the importance of picking a career that you really like doing.  He said that sometimes you have to pay your dues when you first start out (referencing that he was the Red Wings mascot at an earlier time with the organization), but if you work hard and focus on your goals, it will be worth it in the end.

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