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Sample E-mail to Parents

Mrs. Shoemaker and the Athena community understand the importance of involving parents in the education of their child.  It is often said that a student tends to be more successful in school when there is a true collaboration between student, parent, and teacher.  One strategy that Mrs. Shoemaker uses is an e-mail list.  This is a quick and effective way to communicate with parents.  Below is a sample e-mail that she uses to inform parents of a student who has not done his or her part in coming in for extra help:

Good Afternoon,

I wanted to let you know that two weeks ago, your child received a below average grade on a quiz for Discrete Math.  The quiz was returned with a message to “see me to go over this”.  I gave students one week to arrange to come in to work with me on corrections.  My purpose in doing this is to give us an opportunity to explore concepts which were not mastered in this unit.  The same content will appear on our unit test.  Unfortunately, after a full week, your son/daughter did not come in to do quiz corrections.  I wanted to make you aware of this missed opportunity.  Please check Infinite Campus for the most recent updates to their grade.  Thank you for your support.

Ellen Shoemaker

Discrete Math


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