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8th Grader is Double Accelerated in Math

Athena Middle School 8th grade student Xiaoning Guo has been double accelerated in math.  Based on his proficiency score on the Scholastic Math Inventory and overall math average, Xiaoning was recommended for this challenge.  He will take both Regents Integrated Algebra and Regents Geometry at the same time.  Participation in this double accelerated math will allow him to take additional math classes in high school or begin dual credit courses at an earlier date.  Mrs. Dionisio, Mrs. Gross, and Mrs. Obrien have been working with Xiaoning to provide him with a successful and enriching math experience.

We are proud of Xiaoning accomplishments in mathematics and willingness to undertake this challenge.


Co-Teaching in Action

The service-delivery model of co-teaching is a promising option for meeting the learning needs of algebra students with or without disabilities.  This model has emerged as the popular delivery system particularly in the current era of inclusive school reform, but could be applied to any general education classroom or situation.  Cook and Friend (1995) describe co-teaching between general and special educators as “two or more professionals delivering substantive instruction to a diverse, or blended, group of students in a single physical space” (p. 2).  Both professionals are considered to be the teacher; one is not considered higher or lower in authority.

Mrs. Dionisio and Mr. Herbert are 8th grade math teachers that have embraced the ideas of Cook and Friend.  They have set a goal to utilize the five models of co-teaching in their classroom: (1) one teaching, one assisting, (2) station teaching, (3) parallel teaching, (4) alternative teaching, and (5) team teaching.  This is great work that you are doing for kids!

If anyone wants to fine tune their co-teaching models or strategies, please let me know.  The Integrated Co-Taught (ICT) model can be very powerful and effective for all kids.

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