Task Rotations to Integrate Multiple Ways of Thinking

Math Tools promotes active and in-depth learning through the use of purposeful questioning techniques and task rotations that incorporate mastery, understanding, self-expressive, and interpersonal learning styles (Silver, 2008).  In Mrs. Panzica’s Algebra class, they used a task rotation to review and develop a deeper understanding of polynomials.  Instead of doing 20 “drill and kill” math problems, students rotated around the classroom into different stations focusing on a different multiple intelligence scenarios.

These engaging stations included having students create their own math problems given the answer, writing and discussing with group members which polynomial operation is their favorite giving supporting reasons, and a finding the error problem.

Students were fully engaged in the lesson and commented on how they better understood the concepts of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing polynomials as a result of these task rotations.  Well done!

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  1. I love it! Great stuff. Love to see our students engaged and working hard.

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