University of Rochester Graduate Student Speaks to Athena AP Students

Joshua Horn, Graduate Student in the University of Rochester’s Biochemistry and Biophysics Program, visited Kathy Magin’s 2nd block AP Stats class.  He delivered an interesting presentation on his laboratory work with protein poly-peptides.  Mrs. Magin and Mr. Horn collaborated previous to his visit.  This allowed him to customize his presentation so as to address areas of Statistics the students were familiar with.  These topics included:

  • What are the characteristics of a “good” sample?
  • How large a sample is required?
  • How many simulations of an experiment are necessary?
  • When population values are not know, how do confidence intervals play a part in drawing conclusions?

The students found Mr. Horn’s presentation interesting and it allowed them to appreciate the real-life application of all their hard work in Statistics.

Mrs. Magin appreciates all of the work that Mr. Horn put into customizing his presentation and that he graciously agreed to present his work to Mrs. Magin’s 4th block Stats class later in the school year.

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  1. Great Stuff! Thanks for organizing this Mrs. Magin!

  2. Mr maillet can please send josh’s contact information via email because I would love to bring him in to talk with a colleagues college level stats class. Thank you sir!

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