Kingsbury Makes Math Fun for Students

On December 6, Elissa Kingsbury presented to my MTH 155 students (one of my many jobs is teaching MTH 155-Math for Elementary Teachers- at Monroe Community College).  Elissa is a 4th grade teacher at Canal View Elementary in the Spencerport Central School District.  She also trains teachers on how to use the “Math Investigations”  program.  As Elissa told the class, the focus of Math Investigation instruction is on mathematical thinking and reasoning.  Children use prior knowledge and the discovery approach to make sense of and develop an understanding of fundamental mathematical ideas.  The program’s objectives, which overlap with the MTH 155 objectives, are to encourage students to use multiple strategies to find solutions to any given problem and explain their thinking.  Some of the key parts of Elissa’s presentation included a demonstration of Ten-Minute Math, quick images, arrays, and an engaging game called “Multiple Turn Over.”

Elissa gave the college students some great advice: “Have fun yourself and make it fun for students!  Use movement, songs, jingles, etc.”  Thank you for given such an engaging presentation to my class.

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