Athena Middle and High Schools Receive SMART Response Grants

The Greece Education Foundation (GEF) awarded grants to both Athena Middle School and Athena High School for a set of 32 SMART Response Clickers!  The foundation paid over $1,500 per school.  The SMART Response system gives teachers the ability to instantly track quiz results and lesson comprehension to gain immediate insight into student learning and help increase overall retention and engagement.  These clickers are already in the hands of many students and teachers at Athena.  Academic engagement and achievement will be maximized as a result of this amazing foundation.

The Greece Education Foundation was formed in June 2000 to enrich and enhance educational opportunities for Greece Central School District students and staff in a manner that supports learning.  The GEF receives gifts, bequests, and donations from local businesses and community members and subsequently provides grant funding to enhance educational programs that cannot be readily financed through local tax dollars or other public resources reflected in the annual school budget.  These are beneficial projects that might not be initiated, improved, or maintained without outside funding.

Thank you Greece Education Foundation!


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