High Levels of Learning

For these first ten weeks of school, I have had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Esposito, a great math and special education teacher.  The uniqueness of one of her classes this year is that it is multi-grade level (Half 7th graders and half 8th graders in the same class).  In other words, she is responsible for teaching both 7th and 8th grade math curricula in one class.  She has tackled this challenge in a number of ways ensuring that each child is experiencing high levels of learning.  For some topics that overlap both curricula, she instructs them in a large group while offering many opportunities for individual questions.  For topics specific to a grade level, she utilizes a core extension period, Castle Learning, and the alternative teaching model of co-teaching.  Cook and Friend (1995) describe alternative teaching as one teacher teaching a specific topic to one group, while the other teacher teaches or reviews a different topic with a second group.  Although I have had many opportunities to alternative teach with Mrs. Esposito, I credit the teaching assistants, Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Halligan, for taking on this role to help meet the needs of each child in their classroom.  For example, one of the teaching assistants will take the 7th grade students and work on one-step equations, while Mrs. Esposito will work on multi-step equations with the 8th graders.  This is a great example of the high levels of learning that place at Athena Middle School.


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