Rock, Paper, Scissors

Mrs. Magin’s AP Statistics students played a variation of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” on Wednesday, November 23.  This activity led them to create and identify a complete sample space of possible outcomes and clarify the concept of randomness.  They also calculated probabilities and found the sum of the probabilities.  This reinforced the fact that all the probabilities of a sample space for an event totals to the number one.

The students played 30 rounds of the variation of Rock, Paper Scissors in this way: Students were in groups of 3.
Player A received a point if all the same results were shown.
Player B received a point if all different results were shown.
Player C received a point if 2 of the same results were shown.
At the end of 30 rounds, total the points, declare a winner.

In all of the groups, Player C won the game of 30 rounds.  Once the students examined the sample space and calculated the probability that each player (A,B or C) would win a given round, it was clear to see the unfairness of the game.  Player B had twice the odds of winning as Player A, and Player C had six times the odds of winning than player A.  This should help these students if they ever travel to Turning Stone to play games of chance – calculate your odds first!

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  1. This activity seems like it was really inetresting and engaging for the students. I love real world application of learning. Kudos to Mrs. Magin for sharing this great

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