Math Common Core Update

It is official! New York State has adopted the national Pathway A from Appendix A of the Math Common Core Standards verbatim. Pathway A is the Traditional courses (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II) and is the one that is the most similar to the current NYS course setup. The current plan is that next year (2012 -13) Integrated Algebra would be replaced by Algebra I. The following year (2013-14) old Geometry would be replaced by new Geometry and then Algebra II Trig would transition in 2014-15. This plan is similar to the role out that has been used for the last two redesigns of the NYS math courses. The biggest difference, is that there will not be any overlap where multiple exams for the same level will be offered. As an example the last Integrated Algebra regents exam will be next January 2013 and that spring will be the first Algebra I regents exam. This piece is important for any students that are taking a pre-algebra or accelerated 7th grade course this year because they will end up taking the Algebra 1 course next year not the Integrated Algebra course. It also becomes important next year with students that do not pass the Integrated Algebra exams as there will only be an August and January chance for retakes before they have to take the new Algebra I exam.

Middle school teachers it will be important for you to note that in Appendix A there are even courses defined for 7th and 8th grade acceleration that have students ready to take the Algebra 1 exam at the end of 8th grade and still prepare students for 7th and 8th grade assessments.


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